DONNA--Maine resident Donna Kenison gained interest in the after-life after the passing of her mother, reading a lot of books on near-death experiences, and visiting a spiritual medium. She claims that experience sold her on something after this life.  Married and mother of five children and Nana to three grandchildren, she spends her days as co-owner of Cuttin' It Close Barbershop in Standish, and her nights as paranormal investigator with the "Spirits Left Behind' team.  She enjoys every aspect of paranormal investigation, especially watching a lot of the paranormal shows on TV. It was through the study of these programs that allowed her to fully pursue investigation as a hobby.
LEANNE--Leanne Jackson grew up in Maine, is a mother of two and currently lives in limerick.  She also is co-owner of the Cuttin' It Close Barbershop in Standish. Her interest in the paranormal started at an early age, when her and her family members would experience strange occurrences that could not be explained. She became completely immersed about five years ago, when she started watching the popular television series Ghost Hunters. It was her fascination with the show and the experiences growing up that really launched her interest in pursuing paranormal investigating.

BEVERLY--Born in Portland Maine, Beverly Young (49) of Buxton graduated from Bonny Eagle High School in 1982 and married high school sweetheart Kevin Young also a graduate from Bonny Eagle. They then had two daughters Jessica Landry (30), of Waterboro and Tara Levesque (28) of Saco, they also get to enjoy the company of three grandchildren Cameron, Lily and Logan. In 2007, Beverly opened Just your Style Salon, in Buxton and has since continued to run a very successful business. Although her passion is making people look beautiful, she has always enjoyed the paranormal world. Experiencing many paranormal events as a child, her interest in the unknown has only increased over the years and she now works with Spirits Left behind Paranormal Investigators to search for answers.
By J.B. Lawrence
Spirits Left Behind